Pine Barrens, New Jersey


We Went to a Party

I was lucky enough to find myself a ticket for The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island in NYC this weekend.  It felt a bit silly to be donning a 1920s do and dress as I made my way downtown, but as soon as I was on the ferry to the island, I found my people.  This is an all-out, all-committed event and it did not disappoint.  The music was fantastic and the dancing was exhilarating.  Nothing can beat sipping a glass of rose on a bright and breezy day whilst surrounded by other nerds who are loving it all, even more than you.  I highly encourage you all to get out there and attend one of these fantastic events.

We went to Scotland


Glencoe, Scotland

July 2017


Asbury Park

High Quality (1 of 1)-35

Death Becomes Her

Trondheim 2015


Easter Sunday